Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Skimming with Dad

We had a great day at Whitty's Lagoon today with the Baker's. Owen was in heaven!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goals Part 2

I did a post on goals in December and I wanted to know for myself if those goals I wrote down were things that i would take seriously and do. Well here are my results. No reality TV. I can honestly say I don't watch it anymore. Canceling the cable had something to do with it but now i've figured out how to get it on the internet and i don't! Reading an hour a day. Sadly I don't do this it has been keeping me away from my $200 shopping spree darn it! Next was the eating dinner at the table. We do it now! It's really nice. Being a good missionary is always a struggle but I made up a invitation for someone to come to church and I must give it to someone! I'm almost there. I've even been doing little weekly goals that are fun. Like everyday for a whole week I must wear the brightest lipsticks I own. I loved it. Next week was go for walks and do yoga every morning. Don't get me wrong these weekly goals only lastest for a week sadly but they were fun. This week my goal has been to try cloth diapers with Owen and see if it would be right for him and our family. I found a great deal on used Victoria yesterday so today we are giving it a try and it's going pretty well. This goal has a fun and not so fun know the one...or should I say number 2. If you have any tips on cloth diapers i'd love to hear some!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons Learned when making Lasagna

Well this Mothers Day I thought it would be fun to have the McCullough Family and more come over for dinner. Lasagna seemed to be on my mind for the menu. I had only made lasagna ones before and I did it all wrong. Lets just say the noodles were rock hard when it got out of the oven, so needles to say at the time we had lasagna soup :). 3 years later i thought i should learn and try try again. Side note- i read the book "who moved my cheese" i recommend it to everyone! I moved with the cheese and my cooking skills and tried a new recipe. It would serve 8 people and i was expecting double so instead of just doubling the recipe like i should have I quadrupled it to be able to fill my deep lasagna pan. Ridiculous! Now the funny thing is that after i had finished it I looking it over at size of pieces wondering if it will be enough and my mind tells me NO! and I listened! So after an hour of cooking I went to the grocery store to buy more ingredients. This is all happening on Saturday night. Well I filled my two pans full 3 hours later and with great satisfaction put them in the fridge to be cooked tomorrow for the feast. I doubled the recipe and put it in the second pan. Of course the second pan got all eaten and was the perfect amount for the evening. Lesson well learned! When you see a beautiful deep dish full of lasagna IT'S ENOUGH! END THE TORCHURE!
I should have taken a picture. It won't be another 3 years till i make another one cause it'll take 3 years for me to finish this one :) It was a great mothers day and I love being a mom! I was sad to miss all the fun in Red Deer but I will see my Heninger family soon! Love you all