Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Dad Moment

Mike decided that Owen's hair was long enough. Owen had a bad experience with hair getting in his mouth by accident and has avoided haircuts since.....and he's 2. Mike thinking of everything got his iphone to play Curious George(owen's fav tv show), so Owen could hold it in his hands. Then he hooked up the flowbee and sucked and cut Owen's hair. The flowbee is hooked up to the vacuum so it's pretty loud. Mike got his ear phones out and Owen was set! Mike was able to cut his whole head in one episode of George. Owen was rewarded with a huge lollypop and Mike was rewarded with a clean cut looking kid. I love this man!

China Beach

Yesterday we had a awesome day at China beach! I forgot my camera in the car so I ask Robin to take a couple pictures of Lyla in her little personal tent. It was a beautiful day. Owen had the time of his life jumping in the water and getting covered in sand from head to toe. We caught some kids even stuffing sand down his diaper. Haha. Needless to say we are still washing sand off this kid. He had his third bath since the beach today. I got to go in the water and surf. LOVED IT! Goofing around in the waves and enjoying the water is something I love. We then all got in the car and went to Botanical beach. That beach is so incredible. All the tide pools and layered rock is so beautiful.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Lyla

It's official Lyla is only taking bottles :( I wasn't expecting for it to be over so soon. I'm sad because I love spending that time with her. It does how ever give me more freedoms. I think for my next baby I'll start giving bottles at 5 or 6 months. I wasn't ready to stop, but I can't argue with my body. This baby is so wonderful. Owen is starting to play with her by tickling, and he lets her grab his clothes and hair. It really is amazing watching two little people that you love more then anything in the world play well together. I'm trying to cherish these moments since I'm guessing they will torment each other for the rest of there lives :)

House Warming

Ummm sorry about the brutal fuzzy pictures but that's all I had :) We finally had our house warming party and I was very impressed at how many of our great Victoria friends came. Mike and I felt really loved.
I had a lot of help getting the house ready and I am so grateful to Shelli, Janet and Robin! I will do a before and after post soon. There is still so much more that needs doing but we are pretty excited about what's gotten done so far.
Now that I'm done fussing over the house tomorrow I'm starting potty boot camp for Owen :) Oh and Lyla had her first taste of rice cereal today.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun at Parksville

She is so cute. Lyla slept most of the time in this little chair tent Mike made for her.

Transfer Beach in Ladysmith

I don't know where all the great beaches are around here, so Mike sent us off to find transfer beach for a fun day. It was awesome :) The play ground was huge and there was lots of fun things to do. Owen had fun digging in the rocks for crabs. He even got pinched by a big one, and then went on a smashing crabs spree. We then had to go find something else to play :) We spent all morning there and left right before the rain. It was great!

Mike you are a Genius!

Owen has this great fire truck car that he rides around the house in. He loves it. It had these black plastic wheels with little balls in them so it was always rattling. Well Mike had had enough of that noise, so he took the wheels off and put his roller blade wheels on it. Now this thing has never gone smoother and faster with one push. Owen loves it even more :)

the old wheels