Friday, September 17, 2010

The Power of a Chair

When 2 glasses, 1 plate and a bowl brakes in the time span of 2 weeks you learn that nothing on the kitchen table is safe anymore. sadly it took me 2 weeks to take it seriously. Owen has mastered the climb up on to the chair so he can reach on the counter tops now. This morning mike even set up the kitchen sink as a water station for him to play in while he was getting ready for work. I'm a little concerned about the stove top and the knifes are now on top of the fridge. Yeah. When he can climb from the chair to the actual countertop i'm sure i'll be finding him on top of the fridge one of these days.......with the knives....I need a better place. I thought I was doing well maintaining some what of a clean home but the level of speed it needs to be before the dirty dishes become the next water toy is the new challenge.
I must say this little man is the best at giving hugs and kisses. The best at discovering new ways to have fun like in the vents just recently that's been a fun one that has been the death to a few toys. He is getting so much better at eating his dinner and turns out to have a good attention span for watching movies while I get dinner ready. He has little fear and is actually really tough, his pain tolerance is quiet high.
5 months time our world will change again in a big way. bring it on.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well September so far has been very busy. For the labour day weekend I was working at a Norwex booth in the Saanich Fair with friends of mine. We had a lot of fun and sold lots of product. I'm just now going through the brutal after math of money and finishing orders and sending product back. This is our first super huge tradeshow and it's been a serious learning curve for all of us. Monday was the worst because I had the all day shift and it was raining all day. yeah I had 5 hot chocolates and lots of yummy deep fried warm food served on the fair grounds. It was great/brutal.

On Tuesday the 7th I went in for my ultra sound and it was awesome.....well except for the fact the little TV you watch the baby on was broken so I cranked my head to look at the screen she was working on. But the baby is so sweet. The tech kept telling me how the baby was giving her a hard time because of how active it is. My tummy is really small but the baby is perfect size. I guess that's the beauty of being tall :) She gave us lots of pictures and even a great one of the legs and general area for finding out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm going to take it with me to my next doctors appointment so she can tell me. We are getting really excited for a new baby in our family.

3 days ago we put our house up on the market. The for sale sign went up and made it official. We had our first showing this morning and the house looks fantastic. Now that I am forced to keep the house not clean but immaculate at all time, it's nice/brutal. So we'll see how things go.

Our camera is broken so no more pictures. sorry.