Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Owen 4 Months

Thank You Shannon!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


This year we were able to go up island with Mike's brother and his family to stay in a nice house for a couple days close to Chestermens Beach. It was a blast! As soon as we got there and un packed Mike and Brent went straight to the beach. They said that night was the best surfing they had that entire trip.

I was able to get up on the surf board and stay up quiet a few times. Our board is really easy to learn on, and we are getting great use out of it and this is just the first year we have had it. I'm sure Owen will be learning on this board one day.
After we got back Brent and Tracey had us over for a movie and we watched "One Week". It's with that guy from "Dawsons Creek". Anyways it's about this guy who travels across Canada from Ontario to Vancouver Island. It was just cool because at the end of the movie he was lying on the same beach we had all been lying on that week. I recommend it.


This past week Owen has found his feet. He has the ab muscles now to crunch his tummy to get his feet up in arms reach. He has definitely been a hungry boy this past week as well. He is 15 lbs now and those cheeks are getting chubbier. Mike has been rolling on the floor with him trying to teach him how it's done. It's pretty cute.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Visit from Mary

It was music to my ears when my sister Mary Ann told me that she and her boyfriend are coming to visit. We had a awesome time lying on the beach at Whitty's Lagoon, eating fish and chips, and going to Butchart(i think i spelt that wrong) Gardens. I had never been in the summer time, and it was stunning! The last time Mike and i were there was when Mike proposed. It was fun going back to that spot where he went down on one knee.

We smelled and took a picture of almost every flower. i loved it!

i love this one of you Mary Ann. We had a great time. Except for when we told Mary that she could sleep on the air mattress, and we couldn't find the pump....sorry. the joys of moving and never knowing where your stuff is. Thanks for being patient with us. Please come back soon.

Our New Home

On May 15 Mike and I got possession of our new home. With the help of many friends and family we got packed, moved, and a lot of work done on the interior of our new place. Thank You! Thank You! To everyone who helped. Especially Fred and Janet who cleaned and painted for a week straight. They have done a lot more and we appreciate them. Mike has been working full time for Halls Irrigation during the day. Then working another 8 hours on our new place every night for 2 weeks. I new my husband was a hard worker, but new i know to what extent. Now with out further ado i would like to show you some before and after pictures.

Ok, this "after" picture of our living room was when we were still unpacking. i thought i had a better one, but still!

Here is the Kitchen. In the before picture you will see that little counter top. Well Mike was able to raise it and connect it to the top counter to make a bar.

Owen's room. Today Owen went to the doctors. He weighs 15lbs and 4 ounces. He is a happy growing boy that is for sure. We couldn't be more blessed to have such a wonderful healthy baby.

Hopefully we will start putting up pictures this week and organizing the shed/work shop. Things a really coming together.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Beginning

Ever since I was 12 years old I have been writing in my journal. I love journal writing. It is something that i have used to clear my mind. Writing out my thoughts and what is going on in my life has helped me just get things out. Since i have been married i have only really been writing when a major event has happened in our family. Or on a slow Sunday afternoon. I won't be writing all my stories and secrets on this blog like a true journal, but this will be a great way for my far away family to be able to see and read about our "McCullough Moments". Since i am the last McCullough sister to start a blog "The McCullough Family", and "McCullough Family" was taken. It took me WAY to long to think up a title for this blog. Well i have had a very eventful month so i better get started!