Monday, April 30, 2012

Knitted Dress

This Sunday I got Lyla all dressed up in a dress that my sister Suzanne knitted for her.  SO CUTE!  After I got Lyla all dressed up for church I put her right in her crib because Mike was staying home sick and she was cranky.
Lyla is getting so good at walking.  On the carpet upstairs she will walk and crawl in circles and circles   then Owen will copy her :)  She's a character.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking girl!


This is my Matroyska. My mom and dad gave this beautiful Russian doll to all the special ladies in there life when we saw them at the wedding. My mom and dad got her in Moldovia. She has 9 babies! They have traditional strawberries on the front.

My mom won a trip to Russia when she was 16 and brought back a Russian doll among many things from her trip. I grew up looking and playing with that doll and I am so excited my kids will get to do the same. I just wish I had been to Moldovia :) Thank you mom and dad!

Playing in Lyla's Crib

When Lyla wakes up from her nap Owen likes to sneak in her room and play around with her. He asked me if he could come in the crib with her. I thought it was so cute I got the camera. I love how well they play!

Bike Park

Darren (brother -in-law) told mike about this bike park and here we are trying it out. Owen had fun running around it first. Then he had more confidence to try it on his bike. Lyla and I had fun watching and running around.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lyla and I's Trip to California

The cheaper flights were out of Vancouver, so I decided it would be worth it to take the bus to the ferry, ride the ferry, shuttle bus to the airport, then finally get on the plane headed for LAX!

Lyla was a dream come true traveling both ways. On the plane ride home she slept the entire flight home.
When we arrived at the hotel we saw my dad and Bryce outside. None of my siblings have met Lyla, so as soon as Bryce saw Lyla he scooped up her car seat and took her straight to the hotel room where everyone was. I loved walking into the hotel room with everyone holding and snuggling my sweet Lyla. It was a good thing they did, because every moment after that she needed her mom :)
We had a wonderful time at Santa Monica Beach and Pier. These are MaryAnn and Adam's bikes. So Fun!

Of course I left this beautiful sign with Lyla's name on it at my Grandma's house. The L is bunnies and the Y is a bird I can't remember what the next L is but the A is 2 dolphins.

My Aunt Lori watched Lyla and Isabelle during the wedding. THANK YOU LORI! You can see I was very excited coming out to a sleeping baby :)

My Grandma Julane!

The reception was wonderful! The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful, and the speeches were outstanding! Congratulations MaryAnn and Adam!
After the wedding we all drove to my Grandma's house. Swam in the pool, relaxed, eat amazing food and shopped.

Wedding pictures with bride and groom deserves it's own blog post :)