Thursday, June 21, 2012

Camping at Rathtrevor

 Mike and the kids had so much fun riding on the bikes!
 Ruban got a great big group site for us all and it was the dream come true!  Cheap, lots of space for kids to run around.  Mike kept the kids and himself busy with bikes, kites, walks, eating and collecting wood.  Spending that time with so many great friends was what made it one of the best camping trips.

Myrtle got a bike and chicken helmet for her 2nd birthday!  Happy Birthday Myrtle!

 Owen took this picture. I love it!

 After a long night :)  Classic!
She is just too CUTE!

Happy 30th Mike!

Mike turned 30 on June the 8th.  He wanted a party and he got one!   It was a really fun party and we played the silliest games.  We all were laughing all night long.  Mike and I always feel so lucky to have such great friends that come out from Victoria, Duncan and Naniamo to celebrate with us.  

Park and Beach

Owen loves the idea of parks right next to the beach.  He loves going to the park but he is that much more excited if there is a beach next to it.  Heres a silly Owen story.  The other day Owen was having fun with the packing tape.  He decided to make boobytraps for Lyla.  So he wrapped the tape all around the table and chairs, couches, down the hall and around my bed at the perfect height to catch lyla in the tape.  He was singing "boobytrap, boobytrap"  while he was having his fun.  What a silly kid!