Monday, September 3, 2012

Snake Family

The big event today was Mike and Owen catching 8 snakes in our backyard today.   I'm just glad none of the snakes came in the house this time.

 It looks like the snake I'm holding is dead, but don't be fooled by the little devil.

Owen loves the baby snakes!  He had a hard time letting them go.  I'm sure he'll be out tomorrow to go find them again.

Closest I'll get to a Stampede this year

A family of snakes have made there home in our backyard.  As I'm typing Owen is finding baby snakes right now.  A bucket with a family of snakes in it is the next blog post :)
 We went to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo for the last 10 minutes it was open.  Those goats were really cute and feisty.  Thankfully it only takes 10 minutes to see everything there and we even got to see the goats stampede to where they sleep.

We had a little picnic in the park and it wasn't long before we had 2 peacocks and a seagull stocking our dinner.  Later we had fun picking Ruban and Faiths apple tree at there new house.  We'll be back to do some serious picking and canning with all the apples soon.