Friday, January 28, 2011

Still no baby

Yesterday was the day I had planned to have my baby and that didn't work out as planned Darn it! My problem is that my doctor broke my water with Owen, so I have it in my head that only my doctor can put me in labor. I had an appointment yesterday and that is why I thought it would happen. She said I am 90% there and then did her doctor tricks. After that she said "ok! let's just see what happens in the next 24 hours". Here's hoping! I got some bad cramping last night and classic wimpy brocks and hicks but that's it. Today will be the day....ooh i'm having a little baby contraction right now.....Owen and I will go for a nice walk and PRAY!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Owen and Daisy

Brent and Tracey have a cute dog named Daisy. We love going over to there place and watch Owen and Daisy wrestle, and as you can see here dance together. Tug a war with Owen's socks is the classic.

Centennial Park

Saturday Morning we went for a fun walk. This park is full of dog walkers so needless to say we were mostly running after Owen chasing after dogs....and any person walking by. We have a very friendly little boy :)


I started this cross stitch when I was pregnant with Owen. I decided it had to be finished for his second birthday. I did it! I just need to frame it and put it on the wall.

Here is my purple blanket that i'm half way done crocheting for my daughter one day. We don't know what we will be having, and we will be very happy to have a boy. There is nothing wrong with being prepared :)


No, know one has made any offers yet on our place. Yesterday and a couple days ago we got all ready for people to come through our place and both times something went wrong. They either couldn't get in the house because of the lame realtor lock or they decided they wanted pets, and our park doesn't allow pets, so they just didn't show up. We are having a open house on Saturday and hopefully that will get things going more. who knows? All I know is i'm tried of working my butt off for nothing! Last night Mike was working on painting the walls inside the shed. I think it's a tad unnecessary but everything is done in the house and everything must be perfect in the shed now. Gotta love him.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I got released from being in the primary today and found out that Tracey will be filling my place. All the best Trace :) It's lots of fun. They told me I was going to be released last week like they are suppose to and I found myself getting nerves about going to relief society. It was really nice. Very different, but nice. I am however very uncomfortable in any position i'm in, and that room was so HOT. I did learn something new. The lesson was about fasting. I never knew that even though woman such as myself or nursing can sacrifice in another way to fast. I was asked what I do to fast and was embarrassed by saying nothing. A woman in our RS said how she would open her fast with prayer and with the Lords understanding of her situation. She would eat only bread and cheese with water only when she was pregnant or nursing. I thought it was a good idea. What do you think?
I was very emotional today as well. That just frustrated me. Oh well. Mike is tidying up the house and changing a light bulb as i'm typing. He can tell i'm in the pains of being pregnant and being a woman ( i don't think he could really miss it), but he is doing what he can. Love you Mike.
Yesterday I let Owen use the new little Norwex mop and he thought it would be more fun to clean the walls, so as one of Mikes paintings come crashing to the floor I found an envelope behind it. It had both he and I's patriarchal blessings in it. When I told him about my find he said " I knew I put it in a safe place". I finally got to read it after a year of disappearance. It was nice :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Suzy's Knitting!

My sister Suzy had my name for Christmas this year and made this incredibly cute purse for me. The flower is vintage with the glitter.

Here is the sweater she made for Owen. Love it! Thank you Suzy we truly appreciate all the time and effort it took to make these and we love you for it.

Tica Tica

Here is the little Tica Tica in his iron man jammies. My family called him Tica Tica this Christmas so he would come over to them and tickle them. It was cute.
I love the helmet pictures because I have ones just like them when I was little. I think I was wear my jammies too :)
Iron Man taking a brake under the kitchen table
Here is the living room with all the baby stuff out that I now have organized and put way. I've been freaky organizing since we got back and i think i'm finally pooped.....or avoiding organizing my own bedroom..... yea i think that's it :)
I had my doctors appointment today. My doc says " wow, your pregnancy has gone by so fast for me"..... I was happy for her. I definitely am ready to have this baby any day now.

Fun in Chestermere!

This Christmas we had a awesome time at my parents place in Chestermere Alberta. This first picture is of a little boy having the inner monologue of " took me tobbogganing in -17 degrees and you actually thought I would have fun. I thought I taught you better then that."

Ok, my sister Suzy is the best knitter in all the world. I will have to do a post next of all the handmade gifts she gave us this year, but anyways....she made this headband my mom is wearing and it is so cute! Not to mention very cute mama :)
Me testing out our new camera.
Classic Owen. He loves Grandma and Grandpa Heninger's Staircase. This pic is post jump off stairs.
Now this is Owen with Diana and Bryce's new baby girl Isabelle Bea Meldrum. She is the sweetest thing! Owen even held her and kissed her, and yes point and jibber at her. I loved it.

Mom and Dad I can't thank you enough for such a fun Christmas!