Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today we all went to the farmers market in down town Duncan. I've been wanting to go all summer. There was a stand that sold cute felt bags and toys, yarn, and that kinda stuff. When I was 19 I bought this bright green felted purse that will forever and always be my favourite purse. I stopped using it because the handle was getting really thin. This lady taught me how to fix it! She sold me the special wool and needle and I'm so excited!
I made a little flower after I fixed my purse. It's not great i'll probably never use it but I liked learning how to use the needle.

It's obviously not a perfect match but I love it just the same :)


I have never really been a morning person. Mike is so wonderful how he always gets Owen and Lyla in the mornings....even on weekends :) Everyday Mike brings Lyla to me so that I can give her her bottle while he gets ready for work. How could any morning not be the best day of your life when you have this smiling face greet you. I am lucky enough to wake up next to Mike everyday. I didn't think it could get better, but it did :)

Hot Dog Baby

This is Lyla's baby dreadlocks after a couple days of camping :)
Classic hot dog suit that Owen wore.
We went camping this year at the Long Beach Golf Course campground with family and friends. It was great playing at the skate park and surfing in the waves. Owen and Lyla did really well sleeping in the tent. I even saw Ed Robertson one of the Barenaked Ladies. I said "HI!" and he said "hi" back. It was a great moment :) After this camping trip Mike and I are seriously taking into consideration of actually going on a real holiday next year. Sorry but camping is just not a holiday when you have to work the entire time. We had lots of fun don't get me wrong, but I think for our 5th anniversary we need a treat :) We don't know where we'll go, but for sure it will be somewhere warm and with no kids.

My Ducky

In Junior High I loved shop class. I made the classic duck shaped key holder, dinosaur pencil holder, race care, and a little ducky puzzle. I made this duck with the dream of one day my kids playing with it. It was fun watching Owen have a great time with it :)

Fun with the Rebalkins

Had a great day with Faith, Ruban and Myrtle. Eating yummy bread and dips, canning peaches, having dinner together and ending the evening off with kayaking. Never a dull moment with the Rebalkins :) We love you guys!

Ruban: would you like me to email these pictures to you? Or can you get them from here?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Regrets

Today we spent the day at Transfer Beach in Ladysmith. It was a beautiful day! Darren, Shelli and family came with us. I couldn't believe how warm the ocean water was, and I just HAD to go for a swim. I had a slight problem of not having my bathing suit on. SO I jumped in anyway with my clothes on :) Loved every minute of it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sitting Up Baby

Our little Lyla started sitting up today! She is 6 months and 10 days today. She eats her yummy solid foods, and drinks her bottle. She is one happy baby :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lyla's Crib

I spent 3 days painting this thing white and I love it! It was pure torture in every way possible, but I did it and it's great! Now I just need curtains for her room so I don't have to cover the crib with blankets :)

Backyard Fun

Mike surprised us all when he got this fun pool for the kids. Owen plays in it everyday. He plays little pretend games now it's so cute. He'll go fishing and a snake well come and get him, then he has to get it and kill it. Gotta love boy play with grunts, splashing and little screams for help.

The yard is getting grass in stages but in a couple weeks everything should be up and running :) The sandy part is a great pit for playing.


We played some tennis after playing at the beach and I grabbed these great pictures of Bergen and Shelli.

We saw the sand sculptures and I loved it! They are so incredible!

the baby wrap is not exactly flattering but easy to carry the baby :)

The romantic one is my fav of course

It was a very fun day!

The Spork

A family at the beach had these and Owen ran over to play with them and.... well so did I. Aren't they cool?! I want one.