Friday, October 29, 2010

6 Months along

.....I will give you the bad news first. Yesterday I had cramps all morning so I called the nurses health line wondering if this is normal and apparently it's not. I went to the doctors and I have a bladder infection. Did you know that bladder infections are the number one causes of premature labour? I never new that till yesterday. I also got a sty? or pink eye I don't know, but it's ugly that's for sure. We went out last night to the big trunk or treat at the stake center and I felt like I should have put a pillow up on my shoulder so I could finish off my Quaseemoto costume, but it was pretty fun, and it was a great turn out. Owen had a fantastic time. I was handing candy out by our trunk and Mike was with our little Monkey. Mike said by the third time someone handed him a sucker he ripped off the wrapper and stuck it in his mouth before dad could stop him. He's a quick one:)
Now the the good news. We are spending Christmas with my family this year. We are very excited! I'm doing some homemade gifts and it's been so fun having a new project. For how blah I might be feeling I have great things to look forward too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Isabelle Bea Meldrum

This is my new Niece! Congratulations Diana and Bryce!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Learning to Pray

Last night when we sat down for dinner. Mike and I folded our arms and told Owen we were about to pray. He then closed his eyes and crossed his arms. As he was crossing his arms he hit his bowl full of food and it flew off the table. It was so cute. Food flying all over the kitchen is a very normal thing here...sadly. But in the act of getting ready to pray was very cute.

Owen has also figured out how to climb out of his playpen......brutal