Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well a lot has been going on. I started a new job with Norwex and I am now so busy. I'm actually really enjoying it. I love being busy when i want to be. I seriously spent months and months stressing out about what I was going to do about the second income needed for our family. Not only is it a good income but i'm really helping people and i love that too.......ok i don't want to sound like a plug for norwex but i really do like it! Anyway my son is crying right now. I hate how inconsistent i am about bed time, and so does he. Tomorrow i'm waking up at 6am with him to start our day. I hate waking up early but i don't care anymore. if i can just have my son asleep by 7:00pm it would be worth it. just typing 7:00pm was so hard for me like it will never happen, but it will! I get so much done when i start my day early anyway. I have to mop my floors everyday might as well do it at 7am. I have this great work out that is good for your back that i need to do because i'm still rocking my baby to sleep which is killing me. All these silly mistakes new moms make. I must tell you though i spent the best day watching Shelli and Darrin's kids the other day. I know that they aren't always that perfect everyday but seriously it made me so excited to have a bunch of kids in my own home. Just the way they all looked out for each other and were listening and communicating with each other. I loved it. .......ok it took a hour but he's finally asleep. brutal. He is truly a wonderful baby it's just me and creating a schedule for us so his life can be consistent and predictable. is this possible? I keep trying and keep failing......i guess i better keep trying so i can get better at it. I keep saying i and i'm sorry mike is raising this child as well:) He's so great. When he plays with him he gives 110% in it, and is sweating after 10min. it cracks me up. he makes me laugh so much.