Friday, July 27, 2012


This morning we played at Star Angel?....or Angel Bright?...maybe Star Bright?  Anyway this week seems to be a week of firsts.  This fun little river was full of adventure for a little 3 year old boy.  He is the proud explorer that found 2 frogs.  

 The frogs he found in the rock

The suspension bridge was half the fun :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuller Lake

Today was our first time going to Fuller Lake and it was lovely.  Great toddler park and fun little beach with warm lake water.  They even have a fishing dock.  
 I think her lips look cute here
 Finally a smiling picture of her.
 Here is Owen's favourite thing to do when I try and take his picture.

After being cooped up in the house with sick people it was nice to finally get out and enjoy the sunny day.
On a side note:  Mommy bird got out of her cage and is freely enjoying the house all day for the first time. Owen has a list of animals we need to buy. First, another Daddy bird for Mommy bird.  Second, two frogs. Third, a shark.  We may consider the frogs :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bug Man!

Owen's new favourite thing to do is hunt for bugs.  He worked hard at it all day yesterday and he couldn't be more proud of his big giant beetle.  I've been told that we need more buckets and more nets to catch flying bugs.
On another note I went to my 19 week ultra sound yesterday.  Our little Christmas baby is doing fine and well.  It's pretty cool seeing that little spine and heart beat.  I started to feel it kick this week.  It will be a surprise if it's a boy or a girl my little one is modest at a young age :)  Apparently the ultra sound tech can write the sex in the report for the doctor but she couldn't see anything.  Oh well, I like surprises :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


We got a wonderful piano yesterday.  We are very excited to have this beautiful instrument in our home.  Time for lessons :).  You may have noticed Owen in underwear.  Yep, potty training round 3 has began.  Third times a charm, right?

Qualicum Bay Resort

 Lyla has a habit of walking out and exploring when camping so she got use to playing in the playpen when we ate and set up camp.  We went camping with Shannon, Cole, and there daughter Kailee.  She had fun with Lyla in the playpen.

 These kids were sure tired when we drove home.