Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our little Nativity

Roxy’s Birth Story

Roxy’s Birth Story

20/12/2012 was only 5 days ago when we met our new member of the McCullough family.  Roxy Jade McCullough, a girl! 

At 10:00pm that night I started to have contractions 10-15minutes apart just like the last couple nights.  Only this time they didn’t go away in the wee early hours of the morning.  At 1:30 am we made the call to Janet, Fred, wrote the email to mom and dad, and off we went to the Cowichan District Hospital.  My contractions were painful and 5 minutes apart when we left and they stayed that way for about 45 minutes while we were at the hospital.  Sadly I have very small veins and I needed an antibiotic because I was group B strep.  The first try in my left wrist didn’t work, and thankfully because when they put it in my right hand it was a dream, if you can imagine an IV being a dream.  After 4 iron infusions with IV’s this pregnancy I have had enough.  I must say that the one really good thing about having an IV in while delivering was the easy access to them giving me feninall (not spelled right).  The nurses learned not to say exactly how much they were giving me because ones she said “Ok, we’ll start with 25.”  I quickly said “ 50! 50!”  The nurse was curious if I was a nurse, but soon realized that whatever she gave me would never be enough.  The gas was helpful.  They have a new mouthpiece so you don’t have to hold this big mask over your face.  You can just hold it in your mouth and puff away till your ears start to tingle.  At 4:30am I felt the first tightening like it was time to push and the doctor was not there yet.  The nurses were all ready to deliver but the feeling went away and I continued contractions for another 45 minutes.  The baby’s head and body was slightly turned which slowed things down a little bit.  Dr. Ann Thompson arrived and I told her that my water has still not broken.  If she waits till I push then she just might have the same fate as Lyla’s doc.  Let’s just say the doc had to have a shower after my delivery.  So Dr. Thompson said “OK”. And broke my water. 

During all of this Mike has been by my side rubbing my shoulders, giving me water, and letting me hit his chest.  He stood over me for 4 hours with a smile on his face telling me how great I was the whole time.  After the doctor broke my water Mike went to go get me some more water to sip on.  On his way out he noticed that his leg was really cold.  The poor guy had a very wet left pant leg from when my water broke.  Mike was standing where there was the bend in the bed and got a little surprise.  I guess I can’t give birth with out someone getting wet J

It’s 5:15am and now I really do feel like it’s time to push.  The nurse pulled the gas out of my grasp and told me that pushing needs my full attention.  I let her have it.  Then a miracle happened.  When I had a contraction I pushed with all my might and when the contraction stopped, so did all the pain and I could lie still on the bed and rest for it seemed like 1 or 2 minutes.  This happened 3 or 4 times.  I have never had that happen before and it was the calm before the storm of Roxy actually coming out.  Ones she was born Mike cut the cord and they placed her on my chest and said “Look!  Look at what your baby is!”  I then had the wonderful surprise that we have a new baby girl.  The doctor said she looked like a c-section baby because her head is so perfectly round.  She has the most beautiful pink skin and little wrinkly hands and feet from being 3 days over due.   She is our Christmas Angel this year and I feel so blessed to have her in our family.  Prayers have been answered for the safe arrival of our sweet Roxy

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby #3

We are officially a family of 5!  Welcome Roxy Jade McCullough.  I'll post the birth story as soon as i have the energy and brain power to do so.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Making gingerbread houses at 8am on Saturday morning.  The kids clearly had a fun time and we also had a fun time at the ward Christmas party.  I am really hoping to have a baby today.  I've been having contractions all week and i'm ready for the real pain.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Decorations

I love making things for Christmas!  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Painting with Dad

Mike has been working on a new painting and Owen wanted in on the fun.  When Owen grows up he wants to paint a bear with all the colors.  He wants to ride a horse. He wants to find bugs when he goes to work.  He wants to listen to rock'n roll ALL the time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guinea Pigs!

The long haired one is named Barbie.  Lyla said her name for the first time tonight, so cute.  The orange and white one is Sweetie, and the black and white one is named Michael Jackson....just kidding.  It's named Speedy.  We love our new little friends.  They have a fun outside cage as well with lots of running around room.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Snake Family

The big event today was Mike and Owen catching 8 snakes in our backyard today.   I'm just glad none of the snakes came in the house this time.

 It looks like the snake I'm holding is dead, but don't be fooled by the little devil.

Owen loves the baby snakes!  He had a hard time letting them go.  I'm sure he'll be out tomorrow to go find them again.

Closest I'll get to a Stampede this year

A family of snakes have made there home in our backyard.  As I'm typing Owen is finding baby snakes right now.  A bucket with a family of snakes in it is the next blog post :)
 We went to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo for the last 10 minutes it was open.  Those goats were really cute and feisty.  Thankfully it only takes 10 minutes to see everything there and we even got to see the goats stampede to where they sleep.

We had a little picnic in the park and it wasn't long before we had 2 peacocks and a seagull stocking our dinner.  Later we had fun picking Ruban and Faiths apple tree at there new house.  We'll be back to do some serious picking and canning with all the apples soon.