Friday, February 26, 2010


Well I'm all signed up with Skype but only for talking. We have a PS3 camera and microphone attached to it. Mike and I are having a hard time finding a driver to download so we we can use it as a camera and not a microphone. But until we do, we can now talk on Skype for FREE!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well this past 6 months have been very interesting for me. I've made some pretty drastic changes to keep my family health and safe ie. having a chemical free home. Now my mom has done research on milk and the health benefits/hazards it has. Lets just say that the title of the movie clip she emailed everyone in my family was "Got Milk? Got Disease?" Pretty Harsh. After watching it most of my family thought"Hey why not? Lets just give it a try and go off it for 1 week." You would not believe the positive reactions that have happened to my family. Loosing weight was just a perk. So i'm 6 days now off dairy and truly it wasn't until last night that i was a little bit mad that i wouldn't put ranch on my salad. Surprisingly i've had a lot of fun buying healthy food and trying them out. like 100% natural peanut butter....i bought that....rice milk......i looked up on utube how to make hummus, and then i made it and ate it! Now i'm not saying that i'll never have dairy again but this has been a great lesson for me on how to eat better and becoming more aware of what i'm eating exactly. Thanks mom!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Home

Well we had a fantastic time is Calgary. We saw lots of family and enjoyed being together. Owen started teething his top teeth before we came and so he wasn't feeling well. It took him a couple days to really feel better about life. When the week was sadly over we got up early to catch the 7:30 flight. Everything was going really well with Owen. It wasn't until we were flying right over the gulf islands that things got really turbulent. Owen hugged me and didn't move for a long time. He then starts to stir and throw up on me....mostly my pants. We had given him some chips earlier and that must have come up a bit because he started reaching to the back of his throat trying to get something and..... you guessed it he made himself throw up again. This time it was mostly on Mike. Now we have the barf bags out and the flight attendant has brought warm towels to clean things up. This poor baby was NOT feeling well. Things are still bumpy and i'm hugging him trying to help him feel better, but it wasn't a hug he needed. He lifted his headup and barfed all over my shoulder and down the front of my shirt. Now he feels a lot better. At this point the smell of puke is getting to me lol. Oh MAN! It was sick! I look at Mike and dry heave a little and the look on his face was priceless. Thankfully there wasn't a chain reaction on the plane. I kept my cool. We are now landed and couldn't be happier to be home. it was quite a ride.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Owen's birthday in Chestermere

Here we are with Uncle Dennis and having a great time!
Owen had no trouble eating his entire cake :)

Classic picture of everyone around playing uno.

It was pretty nice out and the sun was shining so we had a fun time at the park.

Spencer, Isaac and Ockey were as cute as ever playing with Owen.
We are having a wonderingful time!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 year

This past year has been amazing.  When Owen was probably just 2 or 3 months old we all went to Whitty's Lagoon as a family.  It was a beautiful day and Mike got off work early so we thought it would be fun to have a picnic and skimboard.   I remember just sitting there in complete satisfaction of my life.  Sitting at one of our most favourite places enjoying the view, ocean water, warm sand in our toes.  Having our son asleep on the beach towel and watching Mike skimboard.  Even now I am just full of gratitude and counting my blessings.  

Owen is a toddler now and not a baby.  It was when he was 8 months old when i realized just how capable he was at getting into everything!  Watching this poor baby cough and cough and finally start to throw up so much that a 5 inch piece of yarn came out!  Oh yeah. So not only did every door have to be closed in the house but the floor had to be mopped every day!  The cabinet doors and drawers were safe with magnets behind them, but now that he's a year everything is fair game with his one year old strength :) 

He's been a good happy baby this year and we couldn't be happier......and just 5 minutes ago he woke up from his nap and throw up all over the place.......we couldn't be happier. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010