Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surprise Visit!

Friday afternoon the doorbell rang and to my shock and great surprise it was my dad! After giving him a big hug out jumped from behind him was my mom! I'm still in shock that my parents just hopped in the truck and drove all the way out here so my dad could meet Lyla. They could only stay till Saturday evening because they had to drive all the way home for work on Monday. But we had a great time visiting and going out driving to the favourite spots in Victoria and Sydney. I just feel so loved! I am so grateful to have such wonderful, fun, spontaneous and generous parents. I'm really happy they came and I miss them already.

I love you mom and dad! Thank you for making the trip out here!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy Rides

One of the things I loved doing with my dad is go for joy rides. We would always stop and grab a slurpee or get a sundae at DQ. Then get back in the car and just drive, and listen to music. It was one of the great ways my dad bonded with his kids. My dad would listen to us tell him about our days and listen to the music we liked, and he liked. It was great!

I have been feeling a little cabin fever so I got the kids and packed them in the car for a drive. This was a first. Owen and I grooved to the music. Lyla slept beautifully and we enjoyed the Victorian scenery. Owen was a bit ripped off that we just went back home after our drive, but it was a really nice drive. Next time we might need to make some special juice and bring it with us as we drive next time :) May the years of joy rides begin.


Owen and Aubrey hanging out. What a pair they are :)

Happy Birthday Owen!

Well would you look at those blue eyes! My little boy is 2 years old. (Try to ignore the hat head :) He just has to be wearing his hat constantly.)
Conner was so kind to share his birthday party with his little 2 year old cousin. It was lots of fun! Thanks to Tracey and Brent for hosting and all the family that could make it.

Dear Owen
Owen you make me laugh everyday! You are so friendly and make all the people at the grocery store smile when you wave and blow kisses to them. When we go for walks and you see someone coming you run over to say hi to them.
You are very lucky to have a dad that will get all the garden tools out for you to work with in the yard. He also takes you on wagon rides that you love. Especially when he takes you to the top of the hill and you both ride down as fast as it will take you :) Your little trick that you love to play on your dad is calling him mama. Dada was one of your first words but now you refuse to say it and tease your dad by calling him mama. You both have "mama" "dada" wars everyday!
Owen you are a very fast runner. You are the best jumper, dancer, and even chair dancer in the car. Your dad taught you how to move your mouth when the music played so it looked like you were lip sinking. Haha! Too funny! You got some sweet moves for a 2 year old :)
You got a new little baby sister this month and you have been very sweet to her. Always checking on her and giving her kisses. You are already a good big brother. Thank you for making our family so wonderful and I love you very, very, very much!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Girl

Some more sweet pictures of Lyla that Shannon took of her. Thank you Shannon!


My mom booked her flight the night I went into labour with Lyla and got here Thursday. The first things on her list was 1) hold Lyla 2) Tica tica with the tica tica 3) take care of me and the house 4) make cookies for mike & last but not least 5) make cheese ball :) There is no rule that says you can only have cheese ball at Christmas. One of the great lessons I learned from mom while she was here. She kept saying how she just loves playing house in my house. I couldn't have been happier with a happy family, the smell of cookies in the house, getting all the rest I needed and falling madly in love with my new baby girl. I learn so much from my mom when she comes and I can only hope to be as hard working, loving and as sensitive to the spirit as she is. I love you mom!

Sunday Outfits

Having something to wear to church is a very important thing to a girl. After having a baby and having nothing in my closet fit me was making me stress a bit. I asked Mike if he would help me Saturday night. When I go back to my room from having breakfast Mike had laid out 3 possible outfits for me to wear to church today. One of them was perfect! Thank you sweetheart, it really meant a lot :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lyla Rae McCullough

February 6, 2011

Lyla’s Birth Story

February 1st was my due date and that day I had started to have such horrible pain and pressure on my hips that I called my doctor and changed my appointment from Thursday the 3rd to Tuesday the 1st. I’ll admit I was searching for any excuse to see my doctor, and she let me see her at 1pm that day. Dr. Michel is wonderful. She tried to break my water but it wouldn’t go, so I went home almost in tears. When 3pm came around I started to feel contractions and continued to feel them till 9:30pm when we called Brent and Tracey and asked them to come watch Owen so we can go to the hospital. My contractions were between 5-10 minutes apart, but really painful and I was worried about how fast this was all going to happen, so as soon as Tracey and Lauren came over to the house Mike and I left.

When we arrived at the hospital all the labour and delivery beds were full. I was put on the other side of the floor on a bed waiting to see my doctor. She checked my cervix and it was at 5 cm. The baby was also turned to the side so she wouldn’t brake my water till the baby was in position, and my contractions were only 5-6 minutes apart. Dr. Green told me to walk the halls and if I was not in active labour in 2 hours I would be asked to go home. I wasn’t worried. So Mike and I started walking and in just one hour my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and they qualified me to be in active labour. I was ready for some drugs at this point and they gave me fetinall? It wears off faster then morphine, it is given to women having their second cause things happen faster. Tracy my nurse also gave me my antibiotics for the Group B Strep that I have.

Now I’m being wheeled to the labour and delivery room. They have me face the head of the bed on my knees and bum in the air. I needed to have my belly hanging to help the baby move into position. They give me the gas mask, and that alone makes me feel better. Mike is rubbing my back and helping me with water and saying prayers when I’m asking him too. I asked Lexie my nurse the list of things we need to pray for and then I asked her to pray too. Who knows? Maybe she did?

The pain is getting really bad now and I swear the drugs are not working. The gas is just dulling it and keeping me in a good mood… sort of. I ask for more fetinal and she asked me if I feel like I need to push. I said no, so she gave me 50(they give it in 25’s or something). Right after she gives it to me my contraction passes and I feel like I need to push. Since she gave me those drugs Dr. Green called for the pediatrician to come and check the baby after the birth to make sure she will be ok. Let’s not forget that my water has still not broken. This baby has turned in to position thankfully and Green told me to push, so I did. My water exploded! Nurses were taking cover, the whole left side of the doctor was soaked and even the wall got hit. Mike got to watch it all J

Now I told Lexie at the very beginning that I really do not want to rip. She told me that I would just have to listen to her, so here we go. I can feel the head start to come as I’m pushing. When I start to push the head out they tell me to stop. STOP! Are your serious! “Good, let it stretch, let it stretch” the Doc says. I am starting to panic and Lexie is telling me to look at her and focus on making low pitch noises and grunting. I do it and start to push the shoulders out. “Good, let it stretch, let it stretch” she says again. At this point I know I have never been in this much pain in my entire life and do my best to grunt and whatever but I’m mostly screaming now. I feel every little body part of this baby come out and she finally did come. IT’S A GIRL! I started to cry. I was so happy to have a little girl, and so happy it was all over. I then began to think about how brave my own mother was to do it 5 times! Lyla Rae McCullough was born at 3am. My active labour was 2 hours and I pushed for 17 minutes. I didn’t rip so my recover has been 100 x easier.

This baby is BEAUTIFUL! Her head is nice and smooth. She has pretty brown hair that kicks out in the back. Her skin has a gorgeous pink complexion from the moment she came out. And the best part is she looks just like me J…at least for now. Sweet little nose and little mouth and lips. They brought her to me and I fed her 20 minutes on one side and 15 on the other. She has been a great feeding from the moment she was born.

I know Lyla’s birth wouldn’t have been so successful if it hadn’t been for all the prayers and fasting that was had in our behalf. The Lord took such good care of us. Thank you to all who have kept us in your prayers. A new daughter of God is here for us all to love and cherish.

-Julianne McCullough