Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Electric Wagon

Happy Birthday Owen!

Owen turned 3 on February 16th 2012. We put on a fun party with his little friends.

Yes, Mike made the Darth Vader Pinyada. This picture is a very proud moment :)

Mike made the dirt bike cake as requested by Owen.

The calm before the storm. It was a great day! I couldn't be more blessed to have Owen for my son. He loves to make people laugh. He loves to ride bikes and work outside with dad. He plays so well with his baby sister and is a big helper around the house. I do really love how when I come home from work Owen will tell me he missed me and that he loves me. My big 3 year old!

Random pictures

I finally finished my apron that i started 5 years ago.

Lyla does great ducky lips as you can see :)

Happy Birthday Lyla!

Lyla turned 1 on February 2, 2012. Yes I'm a little late blogging about it, but better late then never :)

We had a fun family party to celebrate Lyla. It was a fun night.
On the day of Lyla's birthday we gave her a gift that morning and let her have her first cupcake after dinner. She LOVED it!

Lyla is the most perfect baby. She has always eaten and slept so well. She is so easy going and happy. One of my favourite times with her is when I give her, her soother right before I put her down for a sleep. She rests her head on my shoulder and hugs me till I put her down in her crib. Then she goes right to sleep with out a peep.