Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giant Cookie

When Mike and I went to Granville Island in Vancouver we bought and enjoyed a giant cookie. It was amazing! Since then I have wanted to make my own. This cookie here is bigger then the one we bought but it was just as good.

The recipe is super easy if anyone wants it let me know. It makes me think of my brother Dave because he always took the extra cookie dough and made a giant cookie. Love you Brother!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mike's Snow Man

Mike and Owen played in the snow this morning. Mike loves his snowman! He hasn't worked this week, but he'll go back next week when things hopefully warm a bit up. Owen has been in heaven having his dad to play with all day. Here is a early Merry Christmas to you all!


Here they are! My first 2 loafs of bread i've ever made in the oven. Ones again I tip my hat to my Better Homes and Garden cook book. It has never led me astray.
I was so excited about my white bread that I made some whole wheat bread that night. hmmmm it's really yummy! I would like to thank my Mom and Fred for inspiring me to make bread, both of them are very excellent bread makers. If anyone has a great recipe send it my way I'd love to try it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm a proud mom!

Yesterday Owen and I went swimming at Panorama Pool. I wear a very embarrassing orange skirt bathing suit but you get over these things as time passes. Anyway Owen was a champion at blowing bubbles, kicking and using the dumbell float things. I was very proud. Today we went to strong start and for the first time he played with a baby doll. It was so cute! He cradled it and loved it for maybe 2 minutes and he was on to the next toy, but it got me excited :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Temple Trip

On Saturday the 6th Mike and I went with our ward to the Vancouver Temple. This was the first time we have been back to the temple since it was dedicated. I know! Way to long to have been so grateful for one so close and then never go. Well we finally did it and Mike's parents were kind enough to watch Owen for us. We couldn't believe we had a whole day date. Loved it! The morning in the temple was really peaceful and so nice to have familiar faces around. It was great how you pretty much can't possibly get lost in it. Oh the other perk was that my dress fit. It was a squeeze but a success. We were able to do work for Mike's dad side of the family. One of the cool things of marrying a 2nd generation Mormon there is lots of work to do!
We then drove to Ganville Island in Vancouver. There is a bridge and the whole island seemed to be under a bridge anyways it had the neatest stores. Like the entire island was dedicated to creativity and silliness. Clearly Mike and I are very silly and loved it very that clear? hmmmmm I don't think the world knows just how silly my husband is. Lets just say the first month of married life with him was a bit of a surprise cause he held nothing back in his silly little mind. I love him for it. Anyway there is a kids building where they even have a short front door just for kids. We spent most our time there. Had lunch shopped around some more and then drove back to the ferry. Now we can't wait to go back to the temple and explore more of Vancouver. Being there really made me feel blessed for where I live and how beautiful it is here and well much, much smaller. I love Victoria!
Owen did really well with Grandma and Grandpa McCullough. He slept in his bed and eat all his lunch and was happy all day so what more can you ask for. Thanks Fred and Janet!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Owen is so fake sleeping.

These were the only ones of me. I'll try and get a video to work. They are not that cute, but if you had a look at me right now you would definitely think so. I hate sty's.(i can't stop the underline)


Our video camera takes pictures and we finally uploaded them on the the computer. So here are all of them!

Yes, Mike carved a R2D2 pumpkin and he couldn't be more proud of it :)
Here is Owen learning how to sleep in his bed and well didn't quite make it to his bed. He usually doesn't get there at nap time but he's been doing great at bed time(night time). He'll get there one of these days.

Here are my good look'n men ready for church

We couldn't resist the monkey suit at Old Navy. It didn't take him long to get the hang of people handing him candy. It was lots of fun at the trunk or treat.
Oh yes, this is Owen asleep on his floor at 4pm because he refused to take a nap. What a turkey
That's all for now!