Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mums Park

This lovely Sunday evening we decided to go for a nice little walk and pick some blackberries.  We weren't expecting Owen to pick a bucket of slugs. Yuck!  He of course was in heaven and it makes me smile every time he tells me how friendly slugs are :)

 Owen and I are both proud of our treasures.  Mine are blackberry's.  I couldn't believe we found a bush that hadn't already been picked.

Friday, August 17, 2012

General Update

I thought I should do a little general update.  We are all good and healthy for one which is lovely.  My pregnancy is going really well, of course I have my "Man I feel Good!"  days, and "I need a nap" days.  Oh and please try not to be to terrified by my english skills :)  I have a love for the piano.  I can't believe that I love to practice the piano.  It has become my favourite little get a way where I can make beautiful music and learn a new skill.  I can't wait till my piano teacher is available for another lesson.  I need more direction into the classical and not just the simplified hymns.  I do feel great playing the simplified hymns but I need to expand my horizon.

Owen is awesome.  He made Grandma and Grandpa Heninger's day when he told them "I love you like a lightsaber fight".   They new that ment true love :)  I finally got Owen craft supplies yesterday with the going back to school sales.  Yes, a glue stick and scissors can be hours of fun :)  I feel bad for waiting so long, but hey, it's now time for crafts with mom :)

Lyla is now down to one nap a day.  Very sad but true.  She can find her fingers, eyes, toes and more.  But the big ones are knees and elbows that she found for me the other day.  I was impressed.  She can say nyny, byebye, mine, mama, me, and I'm pretty sure she said no to me yesterday.  I love waking up to Mike placing our pretty baby on me in the morning and getting big hugs from her.  She will forever be my angle baby.

Mike is busy.  He has been having long days at work and then he loves to work on his new project in the back yard.  It's a waterfall which he named "Julianne Falls"  to butter me worked.  When I find my camera i'll take some pictures of it.  Then it's plugging away one chapter at a time finishing his Power Engineering class.  He's a hard working man and we can't get enough of him.  When he comes home from work he sneaks in the house so he can at least go to the bathroom before Lyla attaches herself to him.

We have more adventures planned for this summer, so tune in again:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Special Visitors

Grandma Julane and her new husband Grandpa Gordon came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time!

 Here we are at Maple Bay and it was a beautiful day.  We enjoyed the salty air, and the feeling of little crab legs in the palm of our hands.

 My Grandma Julane loves flowers, so we went to Butchart Gardens for the afternoon.

 We enjoyed the boat tour from Butchart Cove and around Brentwood Bay.  We learned about the Butchart family and interesting things that are behind the scenes at the gardens.  It was lovely.

 We don't know if we are having a baby girl but just in case Grandma and I made a very sweet baby quilt top.  I love quilting with the women in my life.  Plus Grandma has some great little tricks that I loved.

Now it's time to work on the little boy quilt :)