Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Here we are dying Easter eggs with the Meldrum's and Rebalkin's.  

 Isabelle just melts my heart.  I love this picture of her!

 Here is Julianne Falls all finished.  Now we just need to weed and plant around it.

 I was so impressed with how well these two girls got along together!

 Cute picture of Mrytle
 Here is Mike and Bryce getting pulled by the Wake Winch.  
I am so thrilled that Di, Bryce and Isabelle came to visit and I hope they come again soon!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Love the Julianne Falls!

  2. Wow such great pictures Julianne. I loved them alot. You and Di look alot alike in those photos. The kids are just plain adorable. The guys look great too. Miss you all.!!

  3. love it!! looks like you had a blast.