Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If anyone has taught me to make goals and then reward yourself for doing it that would be my sister MaryAnn.  Thank you Mary.  Making goals is really a fun game.  I've been crazy obsessed about goals for my new job.  How much sales i want to make in January and how many bookings i need to get from a show, packages to create, newsletters to write ect......so today i finally stepped back and decided it was time to think about the bigger picture.  Goals for my life so that i will be able to stay a good warm person and faithful member of the church.  OK so here are some goals that i'm just going to think up right now....it's the whole new years resolution thing really getting in me.  Plus since i'm writing this out for you all to see feel free to ask me how i'm doing with my goals so then it'll keep me in check :)  I have a guilty pleasure of watching reality TV and .........i've thought about it now and i need to think of a new goal because not watching so you think you can dance is not ok for me. Ok starting over.  Reading.  I'm into the 4th book of little house in the prairie....... which should not be that impressive since i started the series like a year ago and they are grade 2 reading level i think. so my official goal is to read more often. lets say 1 hour a day.  i need to read my scriptures anyway and lets face it my english skills are going down the tube. Reading it is. Next goal is eating dinner at the dinner table with Mike and Owen as a family.  It's so nice when we do it. I would like it to be an everyday thing.  Next goal is being a missionary.   We had the missionaries over yesterday and they got me all excited.  well i guess for now my last goal would have to be looking for oppurtunities to give service because i just don't ever really think about it.  I serve my family and in my church calling but actually looking for more chances to serve would be cool. Thats all for now. Merry Christmas! Oh i almost forgot. my reward if i do all these awesome things. Well i think it should be a $200 shopping spree. Yes i like it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sleeping with one eye open

I put Owen down for his morning nap today and he woke up an hour later to eat.  After i fed him he fell asleep on my shoulder. We were in the living room and so i slid down to the floor and moved him over on to a blanket to finish his nap.  Well he seriously had one eye open, so every time i tried to get up and go do something he woke up. I had to lie next to him till both eyes were closed. it was so funny.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Owen took his first steps by himself today!


The other day mike was watching TV and he was watching about how this mans wife got in an accident and lost her memory.  Her husband came and visited her in the hospital but they had to get to know eachother all over again. They eventually fell in love all over again and got married.  It's a really romantic story.  So right after Mike saw this and told me about it he said "I would fall in love you with you again.  Would you fall in love with me again?"  I said yes of course but i thought it was really cute.  Just the way he said it, so seriously.  

Friday, December 4, 2009

It Worked!

So since i wrote that post and admited that i still rock my baby to sleep i knew it had to stop.  So i prepared myself for a brutal week of Owen torchure.  The first day I could hardly stand it and was crying myself by the end of it. Day 2 i was on the phone asking for advice, cleaning my house like a crazy person trying to be distacted from his crying. Third day was hard cause i had already done everything in the house and Owen was starting to get a cold.  Now the forth blessed day is here!  Five minutes! only Five minutes of crying tonight and he fell asleep!  I am so glad i stayed strong, so worth it!  Now next week will be teaching him how to sleep through the night.  I figure he needs to learn all these things before he turns one. That will be in just over 2 months.  I'm so excited right now.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

miss you mom and dad

We miss you Grandma and Grandpa Heninger!!!