Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Fun

 We met our friends at Jumping Jimminies on a Saturday, and had a awesome time.  Here is my Super Girl.

 We have a 1 year old now!  Happy Birthday sweet baby!

This Christmas our primary put on a excellent Christmas party for the children.  Santa was the cherry on top, and as you can see my pictures are sideways but here they are for memory sake :)
 Lyla asked Santa for Candy this Christmas.   Right after she said "I like your hat" to the man in red.
 The next day we were invited to 3rd ward Victoria stake Christmas dinner and Owen got to explain to Santa how he really wants a remote control truck for Christmas.  He then recieved a wonderful goody bag from Santa.  He was eating candy from it the whole hour drive home.
 Here is our little Nativity pictures.  Yes, you are looking at Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and a Panda Bear :)  We were going for sheep for Roxy, but nop panda worked for this year.  We'll get her a sheep costume for Halloween next year.

I was feeling so sad not being with my immediate parents and siblings today, so I cleaned my house like a mad woman and tried so hard to make a great dinner and fun evening for my kids.  I am so glad that Mike and I are creating these memories for our children.  Eating an appy dinner, dressing up to do the nativity, singing Christmas carols and finally bed.  I am very excited for tomorrow!  Merry Christmas!

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