Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where do I begin?

It's been a long time since I have updated the blog due to no computer, or no camera, or lack of ambition, but here goes nothing.  Since it is the end of the year I'll do my best to think of some great high lights.  Here comes the TOP 10 LIST!

1. Going to the Heninger family reunion in Medicine Hat!  Having ALL my family together was amazing!  Boating, swimming, games, eating, story telling, talent show, ty dying, sleeping in bunk beds, Heninger bonding.

2.  Having Roxy in our life.  She turns 1 tomorrow and it's hard to believe she won't be a baby anymore.  She is by far a very happy easy going baby.  It is easy to make this girl laugh and she LOVES peek a boo.  She is climbing up stairs and little chairs.  Holding on and walking around everything, she will be walking on her own soon.  She got 2 little bottom teeth at 7 months and we are still waiting for more.   We are so blessed to have her in our life.

3.  Mike working all year round!  Mike will be managing all the irrigation side of the buisness for Island Irrigation and Landscaping.  He has been enjoying working this winter for the first time in 10 years.  He has been enjoying going out to lunch with the bosses everyday most of all :)

4.  Have a visit from Diana, Bryce & Isabelle at Easter.  That was a highlight for sure having them stay at our house and enjoy the best spring weather ever!  Also welcoming this year Diana and Bryce's new baby Pearl on November 23.  We Love Baby Pearl!

5.  Mom and Dad coming to visit twice this summer.  Love, love, love having them home from there mission.  Since I have never lived close to my parents while I've had a family of my own, it was really special to me having one on one time with my parents and letting them have that one on one time with there grandchildren in my town.  Loved it!

6.  Learning to play the ukulele and starting piano lessons.  I have my unofficial grade 1 piano exam today with my teacher.  I am so nervous yet so excited that I have done what I really wanted to accomplish, and that is master a piece.  Having these songs memorized with dynamics and fingering perfect feels great!  I hope I do well for the actual exam I get SO NERVOUS!  I love playing the ukulele and after playing the same 10 songs all year I think I am starting to have them memorized, but far from mastered. After having this 3rd baby these musical instuments in my life have brought joy to me when I was feeling over whelmed with life.

7.  Owen has been in sunbeams this year in the primary.  He has been doing very well :)  He loves his teacher Sis. Hoover and the fruitloops she brings everyweek :)  He makes friends very easily and for the month of November we had all the grade 2 kids on our street come to our house everyday after school to come play with Owen.  The trampoline is a big draw, but it made me smile one day when Keith came to play and said " Mrs. McCullough, you know why we come to play with Owen?  It's because he is so talented!"  That made me smile.

8.  Quadcopter Drone.  Mike's new love is his drone that he flies everywhere.  It's great because the battery only lasts 15 minutes so he'll be gone and come back before I remember he left to go fly his drone.  It has a tiny camera on the bottom so he can take pictures and small little videos while flying.  Basically his dream come true.

9.  Lyla and Owen are potty trained!!!!  Lyla is a little princcess and loves to pretend to be one.  She also likes to cast spells and turn you in to things with her magic wand.  She loves to play with her granddolly, and occasionally put her Super Lyla costume on.  If she gives herself a pretend name it's always Pasta or Instant Pasta....I don't know...but I love it.  She loves nursery and her nursery teachers.  I can't believe she'll be 3 in Feb!

10.  We got our family photos done, so it modivate me to share them with the world and start my blog again.  Heres to another year of blogging!

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